Chicago's Anticlimactic Anti-War Protest (Slideshow)

adjective: anticlimactic - of or relating to a sudden change from an impressive to a ludicrous style UPDATE: "Video of Chicago Anti-War Protest, March 18, 2010" Today's "big" anti-war rally in downtown Chicago was, to be honest, predictable and boring. We heard the same old tired slogans, heard now for more than 40 years. You know, chants like "Hey hey, ho ho (fill in the blank) has got to go!" Slightly less musty mantras, such as "Iraq for Iraqis," were also repeated ad nauseum. (See our slideshow below.) It was more of the same from 2009 and 2008, but less interesting and with seemingly less people. I estimate the crowd today at around 1,200. (See my video of the 2008 march.) The usual gaggle of malcontented wannabe hippies, self-hating American citizens, American-hating non-citizens, Marxists, socialists and communists selling their anti-capitalist literature (and not getting the irony of that), 9-11 truthers, conspiracy theorists of all stripes, anti-Israel folks waving Palestinian flags, aging pensioners whose meds have either run out or need to be increased, and a lot of other bitter mental midgets got together in Federal Plaza at 5:30 this afternoon and then paraded up Michigan Avenue. Yawn. Same as last year, with only one real difference. While there were the usual, til death do us part Bush Bashers, this time around we also saw (and heard) plenty of Obama bashing. "Obama is just like Bush!" we were told over the loudspeakers in Federal Plaza. They're upset that Obama is not liberal enough, not far enough to the Left for them. Imagine that: Barack Obama not radical enough for these lumpen proletariate. In short, this type of march may have been impressive in 1968 (and I saw my fill of them growing up in Madison, Wisconsin), but in 2010 they merely seem ludicrous. Boring, very boring. Freak shows can be interesting, but the main attractive is novelty. You see the Bearded Lady enough times and, with time, she no longer shocks. The two-headed chicken even begins to seem mundane after so many viewings, and eventually you long for a three headed chicken. This is especially true when you hear the same bad theme songs as background music every time you enter the tent. Please, show me the Great Egress. Enjoy the slideshow (video coming on Friday, March 19). Flashback to 2008-03-26 VIDEO: ANTIWAR LUNATICS, SOCIALISTS MARCH IN CHICAGO People laugh or sneer when I refer to many of my neighbors in The Peoples Republic of Rogers Park as "socialists" or "communists." But comrades, it's what they call themselves, and if you still think the late Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) was a complete lunatic, you might change your mind after watching this disturbing video. THIS VIDEO CAPTURES MOMENTS from the March 19, 2008 rally/march, and the big March 20, 2008 rally in Chicago. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed