Facebook Fact Checkers Suck

The humorless "fact checkers" at Facebook have struck again. I shared the video below to my timeline but the douchebag who "check facts" got their rectums in a tight knot over it. I don't know who created the video, but I found it posted by presidentialreviews on Instagram. Facebook not only put their "fact check" notice on my post, they even cut the sound from it

But Instagram, also owned by Meta, did not cut the sound from the same video on presidentialreview's post — although they also put a "partially false information" notice on it. 

Here is the video in question:

As any rational person would understand, the narration presents the opinion of a female speaker. As usual, it's not explained by the "fact checkers" which part of the video comprises the "partially false information." But the "fact checkers" aren't interested in facts, only in their own opinions as reported by Breitbart on Dec. 21, 2021:

Facebook admitted that its “fact check” operation — which can make or break online publishers — is not, actually, factual....

As such, Facebook “fact checks” often reflect the opinions of the third-party media outlets that Facebook uses as fact-checkers. Whether they are right or wrong, the entire exercise is inextricable from problems of bias and conflicts of interest.

So the "fact checkers" didn't like the opinion expressed in the video because it disagreed with their opinion. That's not fact checking, it's thought suppression. 

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