Joe Biden, Pathological Liar

Joe Biden is a serial liar. That's a well-established FACT. It is indisputable. Anybody who says Biden has not been a habitual fabulist for decades is either a fool or are themselves liars. 

This opinion piece in the Washington Times (July 9, 2023) sums it up well: 

For example, back in the 1980s, when then-Sen. Joe Biden ran for president for the first time, his campaign imploded over a swarm of lies he’d repeated across the country. First, Mr. Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from British Labor Party Leader Neil Kinnock. Then he plagiarized another speech from Robert F. Kennedy, another from John F. Kennedy and another from former Sen. Hubert Humphrey.

Then Mr. Biden was caught lying about academic awards that he never earned, about scholarships that he never received, and about his ranking in law school, stating he graduated in the top half of his class when, in fact, he finished 76th of 85. (Read the full article)

Biden has, for decades, claimed that he's just an ordinary average guy. He loves the nicknames "Middle Class Joe" and "Lunch Box Joe," and presents himself as understanding of working class folks. 

He's even claimed that he was "poor." That's right: Poor. But is he, or was he, poor? Andrew of Don't Walk, Run! Productions on YouTube looks at the claim in this video:

This video by Newsmax details Biden's long history of lying:

So, is Biden a liar or is he senile? There are too many examples of Biden telling huge lies for decades, so we know for a fact that he's a liar. The state of his mental health is debatable, I suppose, and I'm no psychiatrist. But most people look at the bizarre things he's been saying for years now and can't help wonder: Is this liar also nuts? And then there's the supposed 81 million voters who allegedly elected Biden. Are they just as nuts too?

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