BEST Biden Bloopers Ever (So Far)

Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine. Or perhaps I say a stumbling gaffe machine. Sure, everybody misspeaks now and then, but Biden's propensity for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is legendary. But we'll give him this: He's consistent in his ability to impressively f*ck up a simple statement, to mangle a common phrase, and slaughter the English language. 

And that leads us to this magnificent collection of Bidenisms, curated by Andrew of the "Don't Walk, Run!" channel on YouTube.

This video is one of his best ever. Posted on 12/02/2024, "The TOP 30 Biden Blooper Countdown! (New for 2024!)" is a knockout. Andrew's videos are usually run 10 to 15 minutes, but this one clocks in at 52:19 — and is worth every second. It's nearly an hour of Biden's best buffoonery. Precious.

Andrew is our go-to for amusing videos about Biden's goofiness. He describes his mission this way: "I like using facts and data to point out hypocrisy coming from politicians and the media." Indeed, and he does it masterfully. His edits and clever commentary make subscribing to Don't Walk, Run! a must-do.

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