May 29, 2012

Neal Boortz's Fake Commencement Speech

Neal Boortz Faux Commencement Speech
Conservative radio talk show host Neal Boortz does not mince words, but some of his words have been given myth status by some bloggers who apparently never attended a journalism class.

When Boortz delivered the "commencement speech" to the graduating class of Texas A&M... uhm, wait, hold on.

Boortz did write a killer commencement speech, but he never delivered it at Texas A&M or anywhere else during an actual graduation ceremony. Oh, it was a real speech, and he really did deliver it (once), but it was never given as an actual commencement speech. Confused? Sure you are, but that's okay. Boortz himself titled his video "Faux Commencement Speech."

(Update, 2019: Despite exhaustive searching, we no longer find a video of Boortz's speech. Read the full text of the "Boortz Faux Commencement Speech" at Patriot Post.)

Boortz himself explains it best: "The speech was actually delivered one time .. but not at a commencement. A few years ago we filled up an auditorium at Kennesaw State College to give me the chance to don a robe and just … pretend."

The fact that Boortz never gave this speech to a graduating class in no way diminishes its power. Boortz is a brilliant writer and a talented speaker. Enjoy the speech, and share it, but please don't spread the myth that he gave it to a bunch of Aggie graduates.

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