Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mof Gimmers, Anti-Human Snob Who Hates Unborn Babies
January 22, 2014 - Expecting parents can now get a life-size 3D model made of their unborn child. A new company, 3-D Babies, uses 3D/4D ultrasound images "to create a unique artistic representation of your baby using the latest computer graphics and 3D printing technology."

As "art" the fetus models are a bit tacky, in a big-eyed-children-on-black-velvet paintings way. That's just my opinion, though, and if parents want a model of their unborn child it's alright by me. There's no harm in it. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it's an innovative way to make use of 3D printer technology.

British writer Mof Gimmers is very afraid, however. He confesses to being horrified by the 3D baby models and of the soon-to-be-born human beings that they represent. "Unborn babies and fish alike," he wrote, "are about as sentient as a Furby in a skip of emulsion." Nice, huh? No wonder Gimmers was named as one of the "100 worst people on Twitter."

"EVER looked at the world and become suddenly depressed?" wrote Gimmers in a January 21 post at Anorak with the melodramatic headline "Horrifying figurines of foetuses, now available to buy."

3D model of unborn baby by 3D-Babies
Gimmers is revolted by unborn human beings, and that actually seems to be the root of his vile post: It's not the models that bothers him, really, its what they represent to him. He's one of those monstrous people who call the unborn "little parasites," and I'm sure he would agree that a fetus is nothing more than a "clump of cells" less deserving of respect than a spoonful of chicken broth. Fetuses are like fish, he says. I'm not sure how he sees a fish when he looks at the 3D fetus models, but his hatred and disdain of unborn children are obvious.

When Gimmers sees a fetus model, he sees viciousness, cruelty and bloodiness. Perhaps that's a Freudian expression of his guilt feelings about abortion, which he obviously supports.

In Gimmers' twisted worldview, a mother's unborn child is just a parasite sitting in a sack of its own feces, not worthy of being born - especially if its parents had a 3D model made of it. (Note: Fetuses do not defecate in the womb; there's no need. The mother digests food, not the fetus; nutrients are passed to the fetus via blood through the umbilical chord.)

Gimmers is too cowardly to use his real name. He calls himself an "anti-snob" on his Tumblr blog (which takes forever to load). However, Gimmers is a snob. "Anyone buying these," he wrote, "should have spent that money on condoms or the taxi fare to a vasectomy." Agree with me, he seems to say, or submit to sterilization.

In other words, Gimmers is saying that the child should not have been conceived because Gimmers' artistic taste differs from that of the parents. Gimmers is unable to recognize that calling happy, expecting parents who are eager to "see" their unborn child "gruesome womb-botherers" is the height of snobbery. Indeed, his entire article is an elitist, snobbish demand that people who have different tastes in art be disallowed from reproducing. Pray that Gimmers never becomes Minister of Eugenics.

Gimmers and creeps like him must recoil in fear and disgust when they see a pregnant woman. A psychologically healthy person would see the beauty of a mother-to-be. Not Gimmers' crowd. They see a woman victimized by an ugly fish-like parasite lurking inside of her body. What must they think of a newborn child, freshly out of the womb, crapping all over itself and still dependent on its parents for food and safety?

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