Friday, June 5, 2009

Torture, Abuse at Cook County Jail

The next time you hear about "torture" at Gitmo, think about Dr. Linda Lorincz Shelton. She has suffered real torture and abuse right here in Cook County. If you are concerned about torture and abuse by law enforcement officials, violations of human rights by Cook County officials, or the horrible conditions at Cermak Hospital and Cook County Jail, you should know her story. Dr. Shelton is a pediatrician and mental health service provider (presently unlicensed), former medical and biological sciences research scientist (molecular biology, immunology, and experimental pathology with minor experience in forensic pathology), internet writer, civil rights activist, and ex-con. Whoa, "ex-con?" As she writes, she was "wrongfully incarcerated for the false allegation of kicking an officer with my partially paralyzed leg in retaliation for my whistle blower activities against corrupt officials, police, and courts in Illinois and Cook County." She writes extensively - and brilliantly - about the torture and medical neglect that she says she suffered in Cook County Jail and under the heinous, David Fagus-run Cermak Hospital, the jail's infirmary. (Fagus is also the 49th Ward Democrat Committeeman in Chicago, and a close political ally of Alderman Joe Moore. Neither has publicly condemned the repeated human rights violations of Cook County Jail or Cermak Hospital.) Linda Shelton's blogs: Dr. Shelton is not the only person who has been mistreated badly by Cook County Jail or Cermak Hospital. See related reading: Re: Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois - National Institute of Corrections library Stop Torture in Cook County, Illinois - The Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition Stanley Howard: A Prisoner's Tale of Abuse - US Dept of Justice Letter to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (PDF), July 11, 2008 Leave a Comment Here... See our cool merchandise... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter