Friday, June 5, 2009

Carboard Headstone for Slain Store Owner

Uptown, Chicago - Murdered Anadeisy Grocery Store owner Lorenzo Midguel is memorialized with votive candles, a makeshift cardboard headstone, a cheap teddy bear and some fake roses. Midguel was found dead in the early morning of May 30.

A poker game gone bad led to the shooting that took his life in the back room of the store around 6:30 a.m. The gunman's identity is known to police, but he has not yet been apprehended.

The humble memorial items were placed in front of the store, which is still closed. It's not the value of the items that matters, of course. What matters is the sincerity of the outpouring of love and concern shown by friends, relatives and neighbors.

Anadeisy Grocery Store is at 4757 N. Sheridan Road (at W. Lawrence) in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. The store first opened in May, 2008. It is unknown if it will reopen.