Monday, January 19, 2009

282 More Photographs

The Bench took over 40,000 photos in 2008. To be exact, 40,079. So, picking our favorites was a chore that took several weeks of selection and editing. Here is Part Two (of Three total), all in chronological order. Part Two, presented below as a slideshow, has 282 photos taken in March, April, May and June of 2008. (Also see Part One) Some of the things you will see in Part Two: Illinois Sec. of State Jesse White and his Tumblers, sunsets, sunrises, police in action, dogs and more dogs, beach scenes, anti-war protesters, a clown, Chicago City Council in action, a passed-out drunk, homeless people, tulips, an artist polluting our water supply, blighted commercial districts and more. Note: You can view the slideshow in autoplay, or you can click through it manually. You can turn captions on or off by clicking on the little caption icon in the lower left corner. You are also invited to go directly to our online album by clicking on this link. Enjoy. Subscribe to Chicago News Bench