Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mike Klonsky at SDS Reunion in Chicago

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO (below): Klonsky is yet another communist (he proudly calls himself that) buddy of Barack Obama and William Ayers. Comrade Klonsky joined several other SDS alumni and fellow Maoists in November, 2007. Chicago News Bench slipped in and record the entire meeting on video, and presented here (video below) is most of that meeting. But wait. You may be asking, who the hell is Mike Klonsky?

From Yahoo!, we get a nice summary of this longtime member of Obama's Inner Circle:

Who is Mike Klonsky and is he a friend of Obama? Maoist Communist, a founder of the terrorist Weatherman group. Also formerly National Secretary of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

In 1991, Mike Klonsky and William Ayers (SDS Weatherman) co-founded the Small Schools Workshop in Chicago.Obama served as the director of, the William Ayers organized, Chicago Annenberg Challenge which in turn funded the William Ayers and Mike Klonsky`s Small Schools Workshop. Obama and Ayers served as board members on the Woods Fund together. Woods fund also became a contributor to Small School Workshops (more at Yahoo). Klonsky, by the way, is the bald guy with bad, yellow teeth who proudly says he was born into a Communist family. More about Klonsky here.