Sunday, October 26, 2008

WLS and Mancow: WTF???

UPDATE, FEB. 11, 2010: Pink slip for Erich 'Mancow' Muller - Chicago Tribune Chicago talk show host Jerry Agar no longer has his Monday-Friday gig at WLS 890 AM Chicago. That's a shame. Agar, a native of Canada, has an all-American attitude and was a welcome voice of reasoned political critique on the local airwaves. WLS, however, seemed to thing differently. Agar, a smart, decent and funny man, is being replaced by a Mancow Muller, a guy who for years had a sidekick named "Turd." Mancow debuts on Monday, Oct. 27 in the 9-11:00 a.m. slot. Let us hope that Mancow - and WLS management - will keep "Turd" off the new show. But then, a turd by any other name... ChicagoRadio& wonders what the hell the geniuses at WLS were thinking, too. They present some of the back story: It was the rumor that wouldn’t die. For over two years, the rumblings within the Chicago broadcast community had been that Mancow Muller would be resurfacing on WLS after being unceremoniously bounced from Q101. The signs all seemed to be pointing to the certainty of such a move. After all, WLS PD Kipper McGee came to WLS from Talk Radio Network, where he helped launch the national syndication of Mancow Muller. At the same time, WLS was facing the prospect of having to replace its heritage morning show of Don Wade & Roma, who have held sway in morning drive for nearly two decades. FULL ARTICLE.... RELATED: The Bench: Jerry Agar, Regular Guy