Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oblahoma: "We've Got Your Back" Draws Harsh Comments On White House Facebook Page

May 26, 2013 - For those of you who've been paying attention for the past four years, you know that an Obama promises (a) are rarely kept and (b) can literally get you killed. Just ask the late Christopher Stevens. Obama went to Oklahoma today to look at tornado damage this morning in Moore, the suburb of Oklahoma City hit so hard by an EF-5 twister on Monday, May 20.

Oklahomey (Photo: White House)
In a speech to the people of Moore, Obama said, "When we say that we’ve got your back, I promise you, we keep our word."  Obama, the man of broken promises, the man who let Christopher Stevens and three others die in Benghazi, said that?

The White House posted that quote on Facebook at 9:15 PM ET this evening, along with a photo of Obama looking at a pile of rubble.

Comments immediately began to pile on quickly. Many mocked Obama's use of the phrase "We've got your back" as hypocritical. A lot of the comments, from both conservatives and liberals, ranged from just plain loony to downright bizarre. There even one or two apparent threats to Obama's life (which we condemn). Here is a sampling of a few of the more cogent comments:
  • Jill Jillino yea.. just like Benghazi...
  • Rae Ann McNeilly Really? I don't think Amb. Stevens would agree with you.
  • Steven E. Heicher I call bullshit... Joplin and Alabama - 2011.
  • Jeffrey Veit As he looks to raise taxes on these very same people.
  • Caree Severson Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS? yep, he's got your back alrighty then
  • Marshall MacHugh The victims in New Jersey and New York would beg to differ.
  • Brindy Baggins Obama has a heart? Bet the guys in Bengahzi would not agree....
  • Victor Neves That's right Mr. President, just like Sandy, They waited all Winter until something came, way after the election! Don't count on it, people.
  • Sheila Rider The guys from team six wouldn't agree he has a heart or a mind.
  • Heather Bieke Oklahoma hates Obama. Now all of a sudden they want his help. I wonder how many firearms are scattered all over that area.
  • Roy Charles Jr. We keep our word? Unless you're an ambassador in Libya.
  • Elmar Krueger Jr Like the people in NJ and NY that are still suffering, still homeless, etc?
  • Michael Nettles Luckily he's never lied to us about anything else.
  • Irving Rynning Word? What word? Gitmo. Patriot. Budget. NOT being another Bush. Shall we go on? but "what difference does it make?" 
  • Chicago News Bench Say, didn't you also promise that "Obamacare" would not drive up health insurance rates? We're bitterly disappointed.
  • Richard Halvorson So how come it took him nearly a week to make the trip to Oklahoma? to busy golfing?
You can see more comments on Facebook.

"It was just one week ago that tornadoes tore through Oklahoma, devastating the town of Moore," says a post on The White House Blog today about Obama's Oklahoma odyssey. Nevermind that it was actually six days ago (on May 20) and not "one week ago" that Moore was devastated. Granted, there were tornadoes in Oklahoma on the 19th, but the EF-5 did not hit Moore until the 20th. But maybe I'm nitpicking. The real issue is this: Why the hell did it take Obama six days to get over to Oklahoma?

If I was cynical (who, me?), I'd say that Obama really doesn't give a damn about Oklahoma. If he did, he would have been there the next day. Instead, it took him nearly a week to fly there. It's no secret that Oklahomans generally despise Obama. Mitt Romney won Oklahoma last November by a whopping 33.5% of the vote. Had it been the other way around, I'm tempted to believe, it would have taken Obama less than 72 hours to visit Moore.