Is Obama Eligible to Sign the Health Care Bill?

You tell me. I honestly don't know. I believe the bigger question is whether or not the Health Care bill was constitutionally eligible to be passed by Congress, and then to be signed by any president.

The question as to Comrade Obama's eligibility, of course, is based on the theory that he was not born on U.S. soil.

"Obama is signing the health care bill today, but will it be actually valid?" wrote Steve Cooper at The Conservative Monster. "Does he have the authority to sign this bill? Do the states have to obey this law if it is signed by an unconstitutional president that has never proven that he is a natural born citizen?"

Cooper also has a bone to pick with Google. He says he had to repost his original blog entry, because he was told by Google "that the last one was BLOCKED from their web crawlers. That is right, they said it was BLOCKED and they offered no other information. This article obviously struck a nerve, so please SHARE IT." 

Comrade Obama has still not shown us his birth certificate, and while I am not a "birther" per se, I think the so-called birthers have as much right to question Dear Leader's citizenship as anybody has to wonder aloud about 9/11 conspiracy theory, UFO theory, or whether the Easter Bunny is real. Or not. Sometimes, seemingly strange questions have a valid basis for being asked, and sometimes lead to surprising answers. I would remind my fellow Tea Partiers, by the way, that the birthers have as much freedom of speech under the First Amendment as anybody else does. The next time you hear or read a birther questioning the status of His Highness Obama's birth certificate, just smile, listen, and allow yourself to wonder, "What if they're right?"


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