Scott Lee Cohen Bashes Giannoulias, Regrets Dropping Out

Scott Lee Cohen is finally acknowledging reality. Some of it, anyway. In an interview this afternoon at the Fox Chicago studios, he finally shows sign of realizing that he was screwed by the Illinois (un)Democratic Party. Cohen criticized fellow Democrat Alexi Giannoulius for being inexperienced and unqualified to run for U.S. Senate, and called him out as a hypocrite for asking him to step off of the Democrats' Governor-Lt. Governor ticket.

The video of that interview, below, gives hints of Cohen's sprouting indignity at the unjust fate dumped upon him by the Political Machine.  Fast forward to 3:38 into the video here for Scott Lee Cohen's withering attack on Alexi Giannoulius.

XXXCohen, as you probably know, is the man who was forced to resign from the race for Lt. Governor by the (un)Democratic Party in February, just days after he won the primary fair and square.

Gov. Pat Quinn, running for re-election, didn't like the idea of a running mate with a tarnished past.

Cohen has no criminal record and is a respected businessman, but his involvement with woman of - well, let's just say of questionable repute - was enough for Quinn's henchmen to lean on Cohen.

One of those henchmen is current State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, running for U.S. Senate against Republican Mark Kirk. Giannoulias has his own multitude of problems, all of which are more serious than anything Cohen was saddled with.

Cohen told Fox News, "I see my past and my history and," (three second pause), "I look at a what people like Giannoulius have going on right now, and his scandal that's coming to light. Where did he have the audacity to ask me to step down? Uhm, it doesn't make sense to me. And, I think that had I given it more time and, and cleared my head a little bit, I may not have stepped down."

Cohen was asked why he felt it was wrong for Giannoulius to ask him to get out of the race.

"He has many more skeletons than I'll ever have," he said, "I believe that as time goes on and it gets closer to the general [election] other things will come to light with him."  Cohen then criticized Giannoulias for not having enough experience to be a U.S. Senator.

I expect we'll hear more of this kind of talk from Cohen as he continues to regain his self confidence over the coming days and weeks. Scott Cohen will be a keynote speaker at the Reform Chicago Now meeting on April 14. It will be interesting to see how the Illinois (un)Democratic Party responds to Cohen in light of (a) what he is saying is true and (b) the Democrats of Illinois are nothing more than a gang of criminals and/or criminal enablers.

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