Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decade In Review? Uhm, There's Another Year to Go

Here's a funny post about end-of-the-year articles that try to analyze and review the previous decade. Andy Borowitz manages to make a fool of himself by mocking those who do so, in a hilariously ironic twist. Borowitz wrote a short piece at the Huffington Post in which he said, "Between now and New Year's, gas-bags of every stripe will be offering their bloated reviews of the decade about to end." The Andy Borowitz bio at HuffPo says he's a comedian. Uh huh. Perhaps he was trying to be funny, then, and is not as stupid as this dumb passage in his brief little post makes him seem: "The decade began with Bush f---ing the voters and ended with Tiger f---ing everyone else." Andy Borowitz probably spent hours crafting what he thought was a clever tie-in of G.W. Bush and Tiger Woods. He failed embarrassingly, but the libtards who follow him probably think he's a crafty wordsmith. Aside from the crudity of it, that sentence shows an incredible ignorance of both the calendar and of arithmetic. Bush took office in 2001, but Borowitz refers indirectly to the Florida ballot confusion of the 2000 presidential election. 2000 was the last year of that decade, not the beginning of one. In reality, it Bill Clinton who ended the decade of 1991-2000 by f---ing the economy and our military and intelligence services. For a good part of that decade, Clinton and was about as busy as a tiger f---ing any skirt that got near him. As for Tiger, he was busy being busy in 2009, which is not the last year of this decade. Here, let me explain it for you, just in case you're as stupid as Andy Borowitz. See, 2010 is NOT the first year of a new decade. 2010 is the last year of this decade, the one we are currently in. Someone should explain to Borowitz that the "10" in 2010 means that it is the 10th year in the decade. Gad, we just went through this nonsense in 1999, when the math-and-calendar challenged crowd thought that 2000 would be the first year of the new milliennium when, in fact, 2001 was. See, the "1" in 2001 is your clue. Try this little excercise. Count to ten. One, two, three... and so on. When you get to 10, you will proceed to eleven. See the "1" at the end of 11? Another clue: You're now starting the next ten. "9" was not the last of the first 10, and 2009 is not the last of the first 10 years of this decade. Got it? Although we have another year left in this decade, let me be the first to nominate Andy Borowitz as "Gregorian Loser of the Decade." I may be premature with that, but I suspect that nobody will write a dumber post about "the end of the decade" than the witless Borowitz has managed. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed