Ald. Joe Moore Screams "F--- You!" to Crowd at IVI-IPO Dinner

The event was a nice, civilized, invitation-only affair, but the crude 'n rude, discredited Alderman Joe Moore screamed an angry obscenity at the guests as they tried to have a good time at the IVI-IPO's 65th Annual Independents' Day dinner. The IVI–IPO is a not-for-profit, multi-partisan, independent political organization. Moore only paid for a ticket to the general dinner. He did not pay the additional $200.00 to attend the pre-dinner, V.I.P. Reception at 6:00 p.m. He was denied entrance for not having a ticket, but he tried to crash the party, and was told he didn't have a ticket, at which point Joe Moore lost his mind and screamed "F--- You!" at the entire room. He then stormed out, passing Governor Quinn on the way. "This is pay to play!" Moore was heard saying to the Illinois Guv. UPDATE: Contrary to what another blogger is writing today, Moore was NOT "escorted out." He left voluntarily and did not have to be forced to leave, nor was he ever perceived to be a security threat. Here's the invitation, with highlights emphasized (click image at left to enlarge it). You can see more at the IVI-IPO's web site (while it's still posted on their site). You can bet that there are a lot of influential political types who left the IVI-IPO dinner talking about what a rude jackass Alderman Joe Moore is. Of course, I've been telling you that Alderman Moore is a rude jackass since October, 2006. More details from Lorraine Swanson at LakeEffectNews. RELATED: Pay-To-Play, Joe Moore and Heather Steans Leave a Comment Visit Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter

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