Warning! This Obama Video Will Offend You! (but then, it's supposed to)

WARNING: THIS VIDEO WILL OFFEND MANY OF YOU. Then again, Chris Rock offends many of you, but we all think he's a comic genius. The video below is obviously satire, and is not meant to represent actual events. Okay? Are we clear on this? NOTICE: This video does not necessarily represent the philosophy or opinion of Chicago News Bench. Are we clear on this? We do admit, however, that after watching the video more than 30 times we're still laughing hysterically. Our cheeks hurt, if you know what I'm saying. WARNING TO LIBERALS: Do not watch this video standing up as it may cause vertigo or fainting. The "N" word is used in this video, but then again, Chris Rock uses the "N" word and we all think he's a comic genius. WARNING TO CONSERVATIVES: Do not email this video to friends or the Obama Administration will have your taxes audited. CNB RSS Feed

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