Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Alderman Joe Moore a "Tool of Hamas?"

Some of the anti-Semitism sweeping Europe and North America has struck in Chicago in recent days, especially on the city's north side. In light of that, a flashback to May of 2008 seems appropriate. 50th Ward Alderman Bernard Stone (photo, right) called 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore (photo, below left) an "ignorant cry baby" who is "a tool of Hamas." Stone made his remarks in a live telephone interview with morning hosts "Don and Roma" on WLS 890 AM (photo, below right). FLASHBACK to May 15, 2008: Alderman Bernard Stone called Alderman Joe Moore an ignorant cry baby who is a tool of Hamas. Speaking live by phone on WLS 890 AM this morning with morning hosts Don Wade and Roma about the humiliating defeat of his two-year old foie gras ban, Moore said that the Chicago City Council has "lost even the pretense of a democracy." Moore went on to embarass himself for nearly 10 minutes. Hear the full Moore interview (6.6 mb mp3 file.) IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING MOORE'S PHONE INTERVIEW, 50th Ward Alderman Bernie Stone was interviewed.Stone, on the phone, said Moore was a "cry baby" who doesn't know proper procedure for City Council meetings. Stone said that had Moore followed procedure, he could have spoken, but Daley called the vote without Moore doing what was required. But that's not all that Stone said.Moore is a "tool of Hamas," Stone said. Stone said the particular anti-war resolution that Moore was proposing would serve as a propaganda tool for Hamas, which is sworn to destroy Israel.The end result of the exchange between Moore and Don Wade, then Stone and Don Wade, is that Joe Moore was painted as a boob who does not understand City Council procedures, is a cry baby who is whining about losing a battle, and he's a useful idiot for anti-American interests. ORIGINAL POST... Subscribe to Chicago News Bench