Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Sham Ginderske Organization (Updated)

Another fraudulent organization is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and again it's in Rogers Park. You'd think these dunces would learn. Again, it's Jim Ginderske and friends, with yet another sham organization. This time, it's his new "Urban Coaster," a web site with a twin dead-tree version.

Jim Ginderske, failed aldermanic candidate in 2007 in Chicago's 49th Ward has a history of deception. First, he lied during the aldermanic run-off election in March and April of 2007 by telling former supporters that he was not supporting Joe Moore. He did. Then, in mid-2008, Ginderske and company were exposed for operating a sham organization; his "Neighbors for a Healthy Rogers Park" (NHRP) was dissolved by the State of Illinois for not filing the proper papers. That did not stop Ginderske from publicly presenting his NHRP as a legitimate non-profit organization. It wasn't. Now, they are presenting their latest venture, "The Urban Coaster," as a legit organization. It's not. They call themselves "The Urban Coaster, Inc.," but in fact they are not incorporated, not in Illinois anyway. See, their check for filing fees to the State of Illinois bounced. Yup, bounced. Like rubber. Additionally, their filing papers falsely list the address of Thomas J. Westgard, partner in The Urban Coaster, as 6970 N. Sheridan Road, Unit C. In fact, that storefront is vacant. This was confirmed by building management.

Don't believe me? Click here to see the filing papers (or see the documents for yourself and see the Illinois Secretary of State's web site. Ginderske hopes to be elected to something someday, yet he can't oversee tiny organizations well enough to make sure they file annual reports or send valid checks to the Illinois Secretary of State. Now, if Ginderske is that inept, that careless, and that willing to lie about the validity of his sham organizations, how effective would he be as an elected official?