Paul Vallas: Obama's Annenberg Millions Wasted

'F' FOR BARACK'S SCHOOL FIX - That's the New York Post headline of a piece that condemns Barack Obama's performance as a "reformer" of Chicago's public schools in the late 1990s. In an exclusive, the Post writes that former Chicago Public Schools chief Paul Vallas says that the millions of dollars spent by Barack Obama and William Ayers via the Annenberg Challenge did virtually nothing. "There was a total lack of accountability. If you went back and asked, you'd be hard-pressed to find out how the money was spent," said Paul Vallas, the city's school superintendent when Obama chaired the Chicago Annenberg Foundation from 1995 to 1999. As Marathon Pundit points out, "Once again, this is Obama's only executive experience." "Very little of the money found its way directly into the classroom," Vallas told the New York Post in the exclusive interview. MORE ON THIS STORY HERE....

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