Fear No Art, Brotha

Skeptical Brotha is a web site that I admire for its spunk. The Brotha is Liberal but rational... most of the time. Being essentially a Lefty, however, he can't help himself. He thinks the picture here is clever and funny, so he put it on his cool web site. It kind of is, I guess, in a sophomoric way, if you hate people born to wealth. What the Brotha forgets, though, is that a heck of a lot of Liberals and Democrats are born to privilege too. So The Bench, creative genius that I am, decided to show Skeptical Brotha that both sides can play the game. See my creations below, with photos of people who were born to wealth and privilege. Liberals won't find them funny. But then, hey Liberals, "fear no art," right? (Click images to enlarge them)