April 10, 2007

Twilight Zone 60626

I was talking with a friend yesterday about the weirdness of the major support that an alderman in Chicago's 49th Ward is getting from the major leagues. Specifically, why some alderman would be so heavily supported by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean, and other top guns. There are tens of thousands of aldermen in the United States. Why this guy? Why Joe Moore? Another friend sent this email to me today. We were thinking about the same things, and apparently other folks have been, too. "Boy there is something strange going on here. This is just too too much over the top for a simple aldermanic seat. I sure have no idea what it is, but I'd bet it starts with Jan Schakowski and [her convicted husband] Robert Creamer. And Joe and $$ always $$ but theres' a lot of powerful people swirling around this...

My friend included these links:

Alderman alleges Swift Boat tie in local race (Morsehellhole) A True Champion (American Thinker)

Alderman Alleges Swift-Boat Tie In Election (Chicago Tribune)

True Champion (Chicago Reader)

It is truly weird. Schakowsky, never implicated herself, is married to a guy who is as dirty as they come. Joe Moore's ex-wife and Schakowsky go way back, friends since before Moore became alderman. And now the weird implications in the story cited above ("Creamer May Use Moore As Leverage?"). What kind of dirt do these people have on each other, and is this a contorted club of mutual extortion and bribery?

BACKGROUND: In 2004, Schakowsky's husband, Robert Creamer, was indicted on federal charges of operating three check kiting schemes that defrauded banks of at least $2.3 million while he ran an Illinois public interest group. Creamer was also charged in the indictment with failing to pay more than $300,000 in federal income taxes for employees of the group and for himself between 1996 and 2000. Four other counts allege he filed false income tax returns between 1996 and 1999. In August 2005, Creamer pleaded guilty to two bank fraud felonies and could face up to four years in prison.


  1. I am not sure why there connection is strange. Your post gives a very clear reason why there is a connection between Moore and Schakowsky. They go way back to a time way before Moore was an alderman.

    Is it so strange that a long time friend would support another friend?

  2. Dave wrote: "I am not sure why there [sic] connection is strange. Your post gives a very clear reason why there is a connection between Moore and Schakowsky. They go way back to a time way before Moore was an alderman."
    Dave must find nothing strange about the old friendship of the Bush and bin Laden families. After all, "they go way back to a time way before" G.W. was a president.

  3. Don't get me wrong - I do think that things look more than a little shady between Moore and Creamer.

    I just don't think it necessarily means much in the context of the relationship between Moore and Schakowsky. Friends support friends, especially when those friends are people who agree with their own ideologies.

  4. Dave,
    Enough already. I asked your age because you seem, well, naive. Don't take that personally. I was naive when I was young too. Ah, youth.


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