Bares Welcomes New Business to Morse Avenue

Kimberly Bares, executive director of DevCorp North, welcomed a new restaurant to Morse Avenue in Rogers Park this morning.

"Look around you," she told a crowd estimated at 12, "and you'll see new restaurants and cafes popping up like weeds. The one behind me for example," said Bares of the new "Elotes Corn."

"Elotes Corn is a movable feast!" said Bares, "It's just another sign that Morse Avenue finally has all the wonderful services and retail that we've prayed for all these dark years. And you can get it right here, at any hour, day or night."

The speech was interrupted several times when the owner of Elotes Corn called out "Elotes! Elotes!" loudly. Bares smiled at his determination. The man also let out several enthusiastic wolf whistles, which Ms. Bares diplomatically ignored.

"That's what DevCorp is all about," Bares said, "and we're glad to be a part of Elotes Corn's success. I'd like to also recognize Mayor Daley, Alderman Moore, Katy Hogan, Michael James, Al Goldberg, Air America, the Wobblies, and several people that work behind the scenes."


  1. Brilliant -

    Are they getting bigger??

    RPB (Ret)

  2. funny. :)

    but did you do something to that poor lady?

    a little 'photoshop' perhaps?

  3. Kimberly,
    One word...BRA


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