Daily Kos Bloggers: "Middle-Aged White Males"

Recently, Rogers Park Bench wondered where all the non-white bloggers are hiding in Rogers Park, the "fifth bloggiest" neighborhood in the U.S. Well, well, seems I was on to something, as this report about the Yearly Kos conference in Chicago points out. Seems the Kos bloggers, 118 percent of whom are "liberal," are primarily white middle-aged dudes. (Talk about a room full of guilt!) At least, that's the observation of Jose Antonio Vargas, Washington Post Staff Writer: CHICAGO, Aug. 5 -- It's Sunday, day 4 of Yearly Kos, the major conference for progressive bloggers, and Gina Cooper, the confab's organizer-in-chief, surveys the ballroom of the massive McCormick Place Convention Center. A few hundred remaining conventioneers are having brunch, dining on eggs, bagels and sausage. Seven of the eight Democratic presidential candidates have paid their respects this weekend, and some 200 members of the credentialed press have filed their stories. A mere curiosity just two years ago, the progressive blogosphere has gone mainstream. But Cooper sees a problem. FULL STORY... Related: Rogers Park Bloggers Are All White

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