Islamofanatics Threaten France

An insane clown posse of international Islamofanatics have threatened to attack Paris as punishment to France for electing Monsieur Sarkozy as their new president. They call him a "crusader and Zionist." What the Islamofanatics do not understand is that this kind of threat is one of the reasons the French people voted overwhelmingly for the conservative Sarkozy. Unlike the cowardly Spaniards, the French people have shown resolve and backbone. Any attack on Paris by the Islamists will probably only convince them that they made the right choice. The message from the Islamolunatics said, in part, "Now that you have chosen Sarkozy, the crusader and Zionist, thirsty for the blood of Muslim children, women, and old people (...) we warn you that the coming days will witness a bloody jihadist campaign and a war without mercy in Sarkozy's capital." This threat, broadcast on the Internet yesterday, is signed by the "Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades-Europe Division," though its authenticity could not be established with certainty. This group, named for Al-Qa'idah's chief of operations killed in Afghanistan in October 2001, has in the past claimed responsibility for the attacks in Istanbul 15 November 2003, Madrid 11 March 2004, and London 7 July 2005. FULL STORY... RELATED: President Sarkozy’s New Team

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