Saturday, September 4, 2010

Suspect Detained After Multiple Shots Fired In Uptown, Chicago

EXCLUSIVE: Chicago police detained a suspect in a multiple shots fired case early this morning on the North Side. They got him in less than 30 minutes after receiving a number of panicked 911 calls. Here is our real time report, written as we heard it live on the police scanner: 1:55 A.M., September 4, 2010 - Multiple 911 calls reporting 8 or 9 shots fired, initially thought to be near near W. Lawrence and N. Malden in Uptown... DEVELOPING... At 2:04 A.M.: A police unit called in to tell dispatch that civilian has two bullet holes in their Chevy Caprice at W. Leland and N. Magnolia. That's one block north of Truman College (map). Shots now considered bona fide. Police searching for shell casings at this intersection. Suspect at large. Description of suspect: 5' 10", 150 pounds, male Black, "has a large caliber gun," "carmel complexion," blue visor, white stripes on arms of his blue jacket, blue jeans. At 2:13 A.M.: Suspect thought to be hiding in an alley off of 4400 block of N. Clifton (map), just south of Truman College. Dispatch calls for "saturation team" to respond. 2:18 A.M.: Unit calls in, says nothing found in that alley. Other units continuing search on N. Clifton. 2:21 A.M: Unit calls in, "Possible suspect matching description walking eastbound on Wilson at Racine." 2:22 A.M.: Suspect in custody at 1211 W. Lawrence Avenue (map).