Media Ignoring Jesse Jackson Jr's Challenger Hayes

Reverend Isaac C. Hayes
As is typical of Chicago's "mainstream media," the Republican running against the Democrat gets sparse - if any - coverage. Such is the case with Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, the Republican running against Democrat Jesse Jackson, Jr., the incumbent congressman in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois. 

Even with the stunning scandals swirling around Jackson - the blonde "social acquaintance" (ahem) and the recent allegations that Jackson micro-managed a pay-to-play attempt to bribe his way into being appointed to the U.S. Senate by Gov. Blagojevich, the local press hardly ever refers to Hayes. Even "conservative" talk radio station WLS 890 AM has hardly mentioned him, let alone had him on the air. 

Don Wade and Roma, the morning drive dynamic duo, fawn all over Jackson, but have yet to interview Hayes. To his credit, WLS host Cisco Cotto, the one-man powerhouse who follows Don and Roma from 9:00-11:00 a.m., interviewed Hayes on recently. Oddly, however, the Hayes interview audio is not posted at WLS, while the Jackson audio is.Would it kill the "conservative" Don and Roma to give a little air time to Republican Isaac Hayes? Would it? 

These are the reasons for Hayes's Sept. 22 press release. It had the header, "HAYES SAYS IT'S TIME FOR THE PRESS TO HOLD JACKSON ACCOUNTABLE." 

And by gosh, he's right. 

CHICAGO: Republican nominee for Illinois 2ndCongressional District Isaac Hayes issued the following statement regarding what he sees as a failure by the press to hold Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. accountable for recent scandals that have surfaced. "Over the course of this political season I have repeatedly heard that the Illinois 2nd Congressional seat is safe. The presumption is that Black voters don’t care about character and values. I find it quite condescending to suggest the ethical and moral disclosures that have plagued our current Representative will just be swept under the rug. "The Black community wants honest government like everyone else. We want jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities, great schools and safe communities. 

After sixteen years of Mr. Jackson we have not seen that materialize. This is why it baffles me when I read Chicagoland newspapers that suggest my opponent has done a good job. Bringing home pork may be good politics, but the people in the 9th Ward, Harvey and Dixmoor remain economically distressed. His spending spree in Washington at taxpayers’ expense has contributed to the doubling of the national debt from $7 trillion when he first entered office to $14 trillion today. "From day one, this election has been about character and values. Do we want a continuation of the three-peat of political corruption that has plagued this district for the past 30 years, or do we want to chart a new path forward. 

I find it personally offensive to Christian Democrats and moral Independents who expect their Representatives to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. "Mr. Jackson can tout how much money he has redistributed at the expense of job creators, but the newspapers that allege he has done a good job as Congressman must face the reality of the indicators called jobs, small businesses, school performance and crime. For each of these he receives a failing grade and its time we stop the whitewashing and hold this man accountable!" This statement is from Citizens for Isaac Hayes website: