Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recapping the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

What a day for a patriotic rally in Chicago! Perfect weather and a magnificent setting in Daley Plaza, combined with dynamic speakers and an enthusiastic crowd made the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party a beautiful event.

Friend Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative put together a great post with photos, videos and many links about the rally. Anne's post "Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 2010 Pix and Video" is a must-read item. Also, check out the video of Kathy Barkulis' great speech. Friend John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit notes that the Tea Party Express has posted its candidate endorsements.  Friend Amusing Bunni has a good post, too: "Report from the Trenches, Chicago Tax Day Tea Party."

Meanwhile: Does anybody remember the Coffee Party USA? Seems it's cooled down and nobody's offering a warm up for the tepid slop. In Wichita, Kansas, hundreds turned out for a Tea Party rally, while about 50 coffee dunkers lurked around the corner. The Wichita Eagle has a good report with amusing videos. In Boise, the Idaho Reporter tells us that "several dozen" coffee slurpers showed up to counter a Tea Party event at the state capitol. Police estimate 1,500 Tea Partiers at the Boise event, according to KBOI Channel 2

Has anybody seen endorsements coming from the Coffee Party? For that matter, while candidates nationwide, from local offices to Congress, are begging for Tea Party support, how many candidates have you heard about that are courting Coffee Party USA endorsements? Sorry, Coffee Party USA, we've got you outnumbered and outflanked. Yours is a weak decaf brew.

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