Sunday, April 18, 2010

More CO2 From Planes? Or Iceland's Volcano?

That troublesome volcano in Iceland, Mount Eyjafjallajoekull, has virtually crippled air travel in much of Europe. The enormous amounts of volcanic dust and ash is dangerous to jet engines. That, however, is not all that spews out of a volcano. Gigundo amounts of gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), also come out.

This ingenius graph shows just how ridiculous Al Gore and his CO2-phobic followers really are. We found it at Information Is (Click to enlarge)

The European aviation industry alone puts out far more CO2 per day than Eyjafjallajoekull currently puts out. You can find the supporting data sheet here

But, you may say, doesn't this prove that we're right to be concerned about human contribution to CO2 in the atmosphere?

Actually, it shows just how much a single, relatively small volcano puts out in a short amount of time. That's one volcano. It's Nature. Now think of all of the other active volcanos farting out CO2, not to mention the trillions of plant and animal organisms doing the same thing 24/7, as they have for billions of years and will continue to do long after we've left the planet. (Gotcha.)

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