Monday, February 1, 2010

Quinn, Hynes Vie for 'Church Clown' Title

By Michael Coyne This past Sunday, January 31, the two Democratic primary candidates for Illinois Governor—Pat Quinn and Dan Hynes—spent the day courting a crucial part of any Democrat’s electoral strategy: the Black Vote. African-Americans break heavily for Democrats according to all polling data available in recent history. Therefore, it is no surprise that both Quinn and Hynes were relying on this critical group to break for them. What is amusing is the fact that they both spent their Sundays in prominent black churches on Chicago’s South Side. Trying to be ‘relatable’ Taking this move at face value and ignoring the religious aspect for a moment, it makes sense, in an ironic humor sort of way. Politicians have to go where the voters are, and, in this case, they were at church. The message of both campaigners was simply, “see, I’m just like you.” This, in itself, is riotous. Two men, who would be remarkably white even if they stood next to the population of Sweden, were jockeying for the black vote by going to a massive black church. No, they did not stand out at all. Dopey PC Stigma When did it become such a crime to be white? Yes, the president is black. I honestly could not care less what color a politician’s skin is, so much as proving that we believe in the same political ideals. It sometimes seems like conservatives are the only ones who actually want to stop using race as a yardstick for successes and failures. Truthfully, I would think substantially less of a politician who came to my church to grasp at votes, regardless of what color he or she was. HWJV? – How Would Jesus Vote? Yes, it is common for Democratic candidates to attend churches to stump for votes. Nevertheless, it is absurd. It is incomprehensible to me that the same party that detests any sort of religious expression in public is completely fine with desecrating a house of God by using it to shill for votes. I could even justify standing outside a church, temple, or mosque to pass out literature as people left. However, attending a service merely to be seen is unsettling. This is little more than a parable of how far today’s political situation has gone. For more conservative commentary, visit Michael Coyne’s RepublicanBlue. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed