Updated! Chicago Dunes Story Evokes Threat of Violence

UPDATE: The lying lunatic who wrote to me this morning, with strong hints of threatened violence, wrote again! He/she is a liar, as I show in the update below, after the original lunacy: The following comment is a response to this morning's post "Eco-Nuts Grab More Chicago Lake Front." It's creepy, it's weird, it's irrational. It's from a person who is obviously an enthusiastic supporter of the "dunes" project at Loyola Beach on Chicago's far north side. Nice to know what kind of violent lunatics support that little project, isn't it? Weirdly, the author veers off on unrelated ranting about the nearby "Artists of the Wall" (photos here, from 2008), which he/she says he/she participated in. (For current photos, click here.) Below is the full text of the bizarre comment (received via our Guestbook - Comments). There are implied threats of violence within it and things written that seem to indicate that the author lives in or near the Rogers Park neighorhood of Chicago. Those items are highlighted as blue bold. My own interjected comments appear in red. On 22.06.2009 17:09 wrote You are a coward from Gods GREEN Earth (IP: BUG OFF !!! STOP SPAMING ME !!! YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO SBC. THIS IS A WARNING. I don't want your blog.I don't want your hate. I do not value your opinion. [Note: Then stop reading this blog. Nobody forces you to look at this blog.] I don't want your CRAPPY photos of me, ( I have my own camera )... I don't want any contact from you or your hate blog. I wonder why the photos??? Do you hope for a hate crime??? Bring it on -- It's a good day to die. "You Christians, tried to kill the son of your own God, and only after you figured out you could not kill him did you decide to worship him... and you expect us to trust in your so called words of wisdom ? " [Note: You have that wrong, but what does that have to do with a native plants project???] In the spirit of Tecumseh (March 1768 – October 5, 1813) [Note: What does Tecumseh have to do with a native plants project??? By the way, George W. Bush beat "Tecumseh's curse." Isn't that cool?] YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHO YOU ARE SPAMMING! STOP THE HATE ! WE ARE LOL @ YOU AND YOUR STUPID HATE BLOG. I WILL PRAY YOUR GOD FORGIVES YOU. [Note: I don't know who you are because you're too cowardly to give me your name. Dude, this is a blog, a web site. It's not "spamming" anybody. You have to click on a link to view it. Here's a suggestion: Stop clicking that link.] We have a word for people like you -- WASICHU Wasi'chu is also a human condition based on inhumanity, racism, and exploitation. It is a sickness, a seemingly incurable and contagious disease which begot the ever advancing society of the West. If we do not control it, this disease will surely be the basis for what may be the last of the continuing wars against the Native American people. The Lakota also used the metaphor to describe the newcomers. It was Wasi'chu, which means "takes the fat," or "greedy person." Within the modern Indian movement, Wasi'chu has come to mean those corporations and individuals, with their governmental accomplices, which continue to covet Indian lives, land, and resources for private profit. Wasi'chu does not describe a race; it describes a state of mind. You really think native dunes have taken over YOUR beach. [Note: We have two words for people like you - "criminally insane." And pal, that describes your state of mind.] YOU ARE ON STOLEN LAND. BIG THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO RESTORE NATIVE DUNES !!! Do you really think your "God hates Fags". You are a coward for scribbling your words of hate. ON OTHER PEOPLES ART AT THE ARTIST OF THE WALL [Note: So, let me get this straight. You defend the goofy anti-dandelion project AND the goofy Artists of the Wall eyesore, even though they're on what you call "stolen land?" I've never scribbled anything on the Artists of the Wall eyesore. Where did your "fags" question come from? No, I don't think God hates homosexuals. I've never thought that, never said it, never wrote it. (Photo here is the Wall as seen from near the dunes, 2008.] Ya want to call me a hater feel free. [Note: Okay, you're a hater. Judging from what you wrote, you hate anybody who is not a Native American, Christians in general, and probably yourself. ]I'm not a P.C. kinda NDN.. never said I was. In fact I'm a little more of a radical NDN ... Can I give you a hair cut? Little of the top OLD MAN ? I know who you are and where to find you. Okay, so, we've got a scary person who seems to strongly identify as Native American. They write that it's a "good day to die." He/she refers to the Artists of the Wall, a painting project at the beach in Rogers Park. The kicker is this: After going out of their way to identify as Native American, and writing that it's a good day to die, the author writes, "Can I give you a hair cut?" Now, I have nothing against Native Americans ("Indians"), and I don't even know if the author is actually one of them. Given that, I can only interpret the haircut remark as a threat of violence. You know, as in a scalping. Perhaps the author can calm down, seek psychiatric care, and talk a nice walk at the beach. You know, the beach on stolen land. Oh, yes, here's what I just wrote to the Federal Government's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): I received a comment to my website on June 22, 2009. The author of the comment seems to identify him/herself as Native American throughout, then at the end wrote "In fact I'm a little more of a radical NDN ... Can I give you a hair cut? Little of the top OLD MAN? I know who you are and where to find you." Given the Native American references, the phrase "hair cut" seems to be a threat of bodily harm, and the phrase "I know who you are and where to find you" seems also to be a threat. Other references indicate that the author lives in or near Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. Example: "BIG THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO RESTORE NATIVE DUNES" is probably a reference to a nature restoration project at the beach in Rogers Park. "You really think native dunes have taken over YOUR beach." seems to be a strong reference to my blog post of this morning (June 22, 2009). "You are a coward for scribbling your words of hate. ON OTHER PEOPLES ART AT THE ARTIST OF THE WALL" is a definite reference to a wall at the same beach in Rogers Park. >>> UPDATE <<< On 22.06.2009 19:56 wrote In the spirit of Tecumseh from Chicago - Indian Territory (IP: Report me in to F.B.I. ?? Sure you did... Knock on my door? Sure they will... Oh that must be the feds knocking now. I'll have to ask them in for some Peyote. Still, I would prefer if you don't clog my junk mail folder with your hate blog links -- OK Please Mr.Hate... pretty please, with gay love on top. I said you don't have a clue who your spaming, I was wrong. YOU DO KNOW. You KNOW I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOUR HATE. You took photos of me when I was not looking and sent them to me with your link, was that not to be taken as a threat? You don't like what I have painted at the Artist of the Wall over the years. BFD but if you wish to try and intimidate me... Like I said ... LOL seek immediate psychiatric help? Sure I will,...just as soon as we get that health care bill passed we can both go. Seems like you need a little help too. If everyone tells you your crazy, "they must be crazy" seems to be the way you think. I must get back to work now. You can hate me later. My response (emphasis added): You're very amusing for a psychopathic liar. Let's set the record straight, Tecumseh. I sent a link to my website to several acquaintances several days ago, once. Furthermore, you are coming to my blog, Chicago News Bench, directly, with no referring link. As of 5:30 pm today [July 22, 2009], you were on my blog for over six hours. Hardly sounds like you don't want to see it. You first entered the blog at 9:31 am, to the story about Alderman Moore going nuts at the IVI-IPO dinner. After less than two minutes on that post, you clicked over to the story about the Loyola Beach dunes at 9:23 am, where you lingered for more than six hours. Also, you wrote in your first comment that you've reported me to SBC, but I wonder why you'd do that since you're using Comcast Cable Communications. I'm not on SBC either. As for knowing who (or what) you are, I don't. I have your IP address, as does the FBI, but I don't know your identity because you're too cowardly to reveal it. Finally, I have no idea what you have painted at Artist of the Wall, but inasmuch as participants must sign up to paint, you've just provided a valuable clue for me - and for the FBI. NOTE, Post Script: The fact that this person came to this blog with "no referring link" means that they knowingly and willingly came to it. If they had come to this blog by clicking on a link to it, for example, on another website or from an email, my stats service would show that link instead of saying "no referring link." In other words, the author of the comment is a bloody liar. Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...

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