Oysters - To Chew or Spit at Heartland Cafe

A popular restaurant in Rogers Park was shut down for filth and vermin by city inspectors this morning, but not a word from "The Urban Coaster" tabloid. (See post below this one for that story.) The Urban Coaster claims to present "all the news that fits the neighborhood." So where is The Urban Coaster today on the story of the Heartland Cafe's multiple health code violations already getting moldy? They're nowhere. The Urban Coaster, apparently, doesn't feel that news of a local public health threat "fits" the neighborhood. That's especially true for the socialist propaganda rag because the owners of the Heartland are politically cozy with the UC's gang of three, Jim Ginderske, Tom Westgard and Francis Scumellari. Two of Heartland Cafe's partners, Michael James and Katy Hogan, are self-avowed socialists and are politically sympathetic to The Urban Coaster's far-left writing. The Urban Coaster's food columnist seems to be ignoring the Heartland Cafe story too, which is especially odd since he writes a food column for the Coaster and is himself the owner of a little catering company. Terry "The Chef" Feingold wrote a glowing report about oysters being served at the officially filthy, vermin-infested Heartland Cafe recently. Here's a snippet: The subject of oysters comes up recently because one of our neighborhood restaurants, the Heartland CafĂ© (7000 N. Glenwood Ave.), has been offering fresh, plump, delicious Blue Point oysters on the half-shell on Friday evenings for about four weeks now. Stop on by the Buffalo bar through April to get a taste for yourself. Terry knows well the patron reactions because he shucked about one hundred of those oysters on the first night they were presented for sale (Michael James’ birthday). Terry also polished off a few himself.. Full column... Feingold did not say whether he had to spit mouse droppings as he stuffed those oysters into his pie hole. Perhaps he thought the rodent feces added a certain, delicate je ne se qua. There are a couple of odd things about Feingold's column. First, Feingold is Jewish and claims to steer away from pork, so it's odd that he's eating and waxing poetic about oysters, which are also a no-no for Jewish people who adhere to Kosher food laws as Feingold claims to. Second, Feingold should have a food safety certification from the City of Chicago as required for caterers, yet somehow his expert eye missed all the mouse shit that has been, according to the City of Chicago Department of Health, nicely distributed throughout the restaurant. When can we expect The Urban Coaster to present this important story about a public health threat to Rogers Park, the neighborhood they claim to serve? RELATED: Sweetheart Run overall winner Jesus "Chuy" Mendoza (written by Michael James, co-owner of the filthy, contaminated Heartland Cafe) Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...

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