Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sun-Times Snagged My Quigley Tweet

Mr. Quigley's staff was not so amused, so I removed that post, but the Chicago Sun-Times snagged it and archived it. Ha! So, let me steal my own stolen copy and, with apologies to Mike Quigley, reproduce it here: Mike Quigley Tweeted Me! Monday, February 09, 2009 Mike Quigley is running to fill the vacant 5th Congressional seat in Illinois. That's the one Rahm Emanuel occupied until he got a better gig with Oback Barama. Quigley is currently a commissioner on the Crook County Board. Mike's message to me today on Tweeter: Nice to tweet you. Stop by to check out why Mike's running for Congress. Say, Mike, here's a message for you: Stop by to check out why Tom will never support your run for Congress. Gad, get a frikkin' clue, Mike. Oh, and knock off the spam tweets, okay? CNB RSS Feed