Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exclusive: Is IOTW's 'Big Fur Hat' Dead?

January 29, 2012 - Cyberspace - Mystery has surrounded the whereabouts and well-being of one of America's most beloved political satirists. 

He goes by the name of "Big Fur Hat," but has the secret code name of "Author-11."

Artist's interpretation of an email from Big Fur Hat
BFH's brilliant photo manipulation and artwork, which can be seen regularly at, are admired by millions of right thinking patriots nationwide.

The Obama White House, according to unreliable sources, has BFH on its enemies list.

Big Fur Hat was hospitalized in early January for unspecified reasons. iOwnTheWorld asked its for readers to pray for his recovery. He did not post for a while. Suddenly, however, he's back.

I sent a private email to Big Fur Hat two days ago (yes, I know his real name and his super secret email). I told him, essentially, to get his lazy East Coast slacker ass out of bed and get back to work. In actuality, of course, I said it more gently: "I just found out you are/were in the hospital? WTF? I hope you're improving." Blah blah blah. The email response I got was, well, mysterious.

"I died," said the note from Big Fur Hat's email address, "This message is being auto-generated."

I know that BFH ("Author-11") would not lie to me. I know that his email auto-responder is honest, too. This makes me think the worst: Did Big Fur Hat die, leaving an automatic reply for those emailing him? Who is really posting as "Big Fur Hat" over at IOTW? A living, breathing impostor? The possibilities are frightening, and BFH has not returned my phone calls for a few weeks. (Yes, I have his home phone number.)

I'm hoping that the mystery can be solved soon. Or, at least, that whoever or whatever has replaced Big Fur Hat can create high-quality photo mockery of our most reviled leading leftists.
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