Friday, February 13, 2009

UPDATED: Readers React to Chicago UFO Photos

A number of readers wrote to us with reactions to the photos of possible UFOs over Chicago. B Prulhiere wrote in the other day with a logical explanation that we rejected. However, we were wrong, and with sincere apologies to BP, we print this correction. It must be said that BP helped put the element of doubt in our minds, which helped lead us to go the train station from where the photos were taken (see Chicago UFO Mystery Solved) Today, BP wrote: I was very disappointed in the way you handled your response in your article towards me. I am a true researcher. The duty of any researcher or reporter is to eliminate any and all other possibilities. If I sent you a picture of me drinking a pop from inside the jaws of a live dinosaur, and then said "I don't own Photo shop, so it means it is real", would you stop there and say "well then, I know this must be real." Of course you would not. The reference at the end of my statement about the vanishing point is an art, or drafting term about how drawings or photos follow a line to the horizon. These follow a perfect line, but do not match the one in the background. I would love for these to be real, but let's at least prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are possibly real..... To which we responded: Dear BP: You are correct, and we apologize. No offense meant, really, and you are now proven to be right. See I will subsequently publish both you note below and this response to it. However, another reader wrote the following compelling letter which tells of a sighting that she feels she had recently: From: [Name withheld] To: Chicago News Bench Subject: UFO's I came across your site after checking on the MUFON website for over a week. I was hoping other people saw what my husband , 21 year old daughter and I saw at about 6:30pm on Saturday January 31st. FINALLY! We were driving in Roselle. We live in the Northwest Suburbs. As I drove heading east, I noticed a set of many super bight, non-blinking lights that seemed to just hang in the sky. They appeared to make a "V" shaped pattern. I grew up in the flight paths of O'Hare airports and never saw any airplanes in such a pattern that hung motionless in the sky without blinking lights. I asked my husband and daughter if they knew what the lights were. At first, my husband thought they were lights from a baseball field or park. We got closer and could clearly tell that was not what they were. Then my husband thought they were lights from a tall building off of Route 53. We [got] close to the building, and the lights were not from there. I began to get scared. We drove in the direction of the lights for a good 10 minutes. If they were planes landing at O'Hare, after that amount of time, they would have been out of sight or changed their pattern. They stayed the same. I could not believe that other drivers were not seeing this. We became so concerned over what they were, we turned on news radio to see if other people were reporting this. I became too stressed out to continue to watch and follow them so we went home. I can tell you that from the photos on your site, if you took those objects and lit them up at night, that is what we saw. Thanks for posting those photos. RESPONSE: You're entirely welcome. CNB RSS Feed