Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicago UFO Mystery Solved

Were those UFOs over Chicago's northside? We were all excited about the possibility that a fleet of UFOs had been accidentally photographed from the Howard Street CTA train platform in Rogers Park. Readers wrote in. Some disputed it, and said that the "UFOs" in the photo were just reflections of ceiling lights in a window. One reader wrote in and emphatically said they looked just like a sighting that she, her husband and daughter saw recently. One way to solve it: Go to the scene and see it for ourselves. So we did, and here are the photos we took. (Click on images to enlarge them.) First, take a look at the original photos that were taken on Feb. 8, and posted on Flickr by "Quality": The photos below prove that the "UFOs" were indeed reflections in a glass window. The top shows reflections: Ceileng lamps and a trash can. The photos posted by "Quality" did not make it clear that the photos were taken from an enclosed pedestrian overpass, which goes over the tracks in the station. The second photo, however, shows where the photographer must have been standing. Here, we see the trash can reflected in the top photo. The third photo gives a fuller view of the enclosed pedestrian overpass where "Quality" took his/her photos. No doubt about it: The hanging ceiling lamps were reflected in the window. In the fourth photo, we can see the pedestrian overpass. In the fifth photo, another view of the inside of the overpass. Notice the ceiling lamps and trash can. So, no UFO sighting after all. Nevertheless, it was worth pursuing. Plus, we love to prove ourselves wrong. When we're wrong, that is. CNB RSS Feed