Thursday, February 26, 2009


(Photo source: The nationwide "Tea Party" protest events tomorrow will happen in more than 20 U.S. cities, but other towns have already had similar events. One example is a town in Kansas. At least 100 people turned out for an anti-stimulus protest in Overland Park, Kansas last Saturday. KSHB-TV fills us in: What started as an e-mail rant turned into a protest. There were signs and chants outside Kan. Rep. Dennis Moore's headquarters. Constituents are angry that he voted for the stimulus package. They say the bill was rushed through without support from both sides of the aisle or enough debate. More at KSHB-TV...

Rep. Moore, Democrat, has represented Kansas’s 3rd congressional district for 10 years. The photo here is from that protest. You can view it and more at "Overland Park, KS Porkulus Protest" on Nice Deb's website. See "Kansas 'Stimulus' Protest" at Rantings & Ravings for more about the Kansas protest. RELATED: List of All Tea Parties Nationwide, Feb 27 Chicago News Bench Merchandise Chicago News Bench RSS Feed