Friday, February 27, 2009


TODAY, FEB. 27, IS THE DAY of NATIONAL PROTEST in dozens of cities across the country. We're protesting the growing Federal Monster of Bloated Government. They're called "Tea Parties" in a symbolic gesture to flash that helped start the first American Revolution against the British. JOIN US TODAY as we start the Second American Revolution, this time against the corruptocrats in Washington, D.C. See video for info (below). (Hat tip to Chicago Bungalow) The "Tea Party" protests are non-partisan: "Progressives are angered by Washington's continued pandering to corporate 'fat-cats'and conservatives are angered by Washington's willingness to prop-up failed enterprise. We have a common purpose - Washington is NOT listening!" Source: Portland, OR & SW Washington Tea Party Chicago News Bench Merchandise Chicago News Bench RSS Feed