Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Durbin, Burris and the Culture of Death

I've been gathering notes for several years now for a book I intend to write. Yah, yah, go ahead and laugh. Whether I write the book or not (working title: Liberals and Their Culture of Death), the fact remains that Liberals champions death. Are you done screaming at me? Okay, let's proceed. Do I really need to list the reasons? Okay, then, just a handful: (1) Abortion advocacy; (2) Genocide in Cambodia by means of forcing the US to withdraw from Vietnam in 1975; (3) Murder, which could be lower if Liberals didn't work overtime to soften the laws that keep killers behind bars; (4) Nationalized healthcare, which would jeaopardize the health of millions in the same way that it does in nations where it's already in place. And so on and on. (See today's "Obama's Culture of Death and the Catholic Vote" at American Thinker.) Illinois Review points out how Illinois' two Liberal senators are part of that Culture of Death. Dick Durbin and Roland Burris, you see, just voted for legislation that would essentially doom many elderly persons to death. Ralf Seiffe writes: By championing the Daschle Plan to ration older people out of our health care system, I have now come to view Illinois’s senators not as my representatives in Washington but as Washington’s representatives to the people of Illinois. Both Dick Durbin and Roland Burris voted for this dark-of-night, dirty trick and in doing so, they must now be considered our adversaries, not our advocates. Them's fightin' words, and Seiffe keeps punching. Hard. The most odious part of the bill is not its incalculable spending but its creation of a new federal bureaucracy, The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. Recommended by the tax-adverse former Senate majority leader, the bill, as passed, will create a federal rationing scheme that would deny health care for the very sick or older people that the bureaucrats deem to be too ill or too old for society to stand the cost of treatment. Bravo to Ralf Seiffe for writing that piece. More people need to understand that the hypocrites on the Left, while smiling and claiming to be champions of all things happy, are in fact the advocates of all things miserable and often deadly. Barack Obama is a warrior for the Culture of Death. A full explanation requires another post on another day, but many of you know what I mean. His stand on allowing living, viable infants to die after a botched abortion is just one example. I'll leave you with one more, from Ron Rosenbaum at (emphasis added): One has to admire the honesty of Barack Obama, who argued in the recent Democratic YouTube debate that even if rapid withdrawal of troops from Iraq might lead to genocide, he'd favor going ahead and getting the troops out. He wasn't saying he was happy about the possibility—he was just expressing the view that the word genocide shouldn't freeze all discourse: He wouldn't let it be a deal-breaker. Of course he wouldn't. To the Culture of Death, the deal is more important than a few million lives. Just ask one of their godfathers, Joseph Stalin. Or one of Stalin's early allies, Adolf Hitler. RELATED: Obama's Culture of Death Justice Department Darwin, Hitler, and the Culture of Death The Democrats’ Culture of Death The culture of death advances ProLifeBlogs: Culture of Death Archives Barack Obama and Margaret Sanger's "Negro Project" (Video) Mom Sues Planned Parenthood Because Kid Still Lives Planned Parenthood Exposed (Video) Culture of Death : Stop The ACLU The Truth About Margaret Sanger CNB RSS Feed