Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Michelle Asks Hillary For Advice

During the long, long presidential election, Michelle Obama dissed Hillary Clinton by accusing her of not being able to run her "own house." But now, Michelle is taking advice from Hillary about ... running her own house. "If you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the White House," she told a gathering at a Women for Obama event in Chicago in August, 2007 (see video at bottom of this post). Mrs. Obama also said that "one of the important aspects of this race is role modeling what good families should look like." Michelle accused the Clintons of not being able to run their "own house." By extension, she said that the Clintons were unfit to run the White House. Yet recently, Michelle Obama has been asking Hillary for advice on how to manage her own house. Soooo, Michelle is taking advice from a woman that she accused of not being able to run her own house about how to run her house. Yet now Michelle Obama thinks that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were, after all, gosh, a model family. That makes no sense. By extension, then, Michelle is saying that she and Barack may not be qualified to run the White House. It's all a bit twisted. Behind every great man, it is said, is a great woman. Oh-kay, maybe, not always. It's a stupid expression, true sometimes but not always. Let's see, Theodora stood behind Justinian and (temporarily) saved an empire. Jackie stood behind John, even as he chased Marilyn. Michelle stands behind Barack. Hillary stands, uhm, somewhere in the vicinity of Bill, or so we're told, even as he chases anything in a skirt. Laura stands behind George in the face of public ridicule. Eva stood behind Adolf. Evita stood behind nobody. It's a stupid expression, really. There have been plenty of great, powerful, influential people who had lousy spouses, wicked significant others, or nobody at all. Let me repeat: It's a stupid expression. One wonders whether daddy Barack knows who it is that the mother of his children is taking child rearing advice from. (Will Hillary act as White House Babysitter to the Obamas?) Michelle Obama, our soon-to-be-first-lady, has a love-hate relationship with former first lady and never-to-be-president Hillary Clinton. However, Michelle recently began asking Hillary for advice, according to Politico. Although Michelle was "privately critical of Clinton during the primaries," she asked Hillary about six weeks ago "for advice on how to provide some semblance of normality" for her li'l shorties Sasha and Malia. (More at Politico.com...) Perhaps Michelle will learn about keeping her husband away from the interns. Perhaps Hillary can advise Michelle on keeping her man happy so that he has no desire to stain dresses in the Oval Office, or anywhere else, and thereby keep her baby daddy out of trouble. It would not be a good thing for the two Obama shorties to be embarrassed by a philandering father. Will Hillary advise Michelle on the best way to steal the White House silverware four years from now, when the Obamas are voted out of the White House? In the final days of the Clinton Administration, Hillary and Bill treated the White House like a dollar store in Watts during a riot. Air Force One was looted, too. Gifts given to the Clintons, which under law become the property of the US Government, were taken home. In other words, the Clintons grabbed as much booty as they could and looted the place. Maybe Hillary can explain the fine points of vandalizing the White House office equipment. After all, Obama can't legally be president forever, so when the final days of the Obama Administration are drawing near, it may be helpful to know the best way to wreck the computer keyboards and other items in the event that a Republican succeeds Barack. The Clintons and their gang of immature White House staffers did just that. Deroy Murdock wrote that they "severed some phone lines, misdirected others, glued file drawers shut, piled garbage in empty offices and rigged doors so that they locked Bush staffers inside their offices, according to NBC News. Clintonites planted pages of pornography among sheets of blank paper in computer printers. Obscene messages were left on phone machines. Someone actually graffitied the words "Bush Licker" on one hallway wall, an eyewitness told The Drudge Report." Nice, huh? Oh, there's more, plenty more. More from Murdock: "Also, as part of this estimated $200,000 demolition derby, the letter "W" was removed from computer keyboards. Cute, but obnoxious. Thankfully, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not decide to hurl a warhead at the United States during the Inaugural parade. America's defensive capabilities might have suffered with White House communications links sabotaged. You can't type, much less fight, World War III without those Ws." This is just some of the vast left wing base of knowledge that Hillary pass on to Michelle, which Michelle can pass on to Barack, who can then share it with soon-to-be-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Rahm was there in the waning days of the Clintion Regime, but it wouldn't hurt for him to get a refresher course in the fine art of vandalism. Perhaps Michelle can learn from Hillary how to run her house. We hope, for the sake of the Obama daughter, however, that Michelle finds a better mentor and role model. Scamalot by Deroy Murdock on National Review Online Do We Really Want Another Clinton? Notes from a Democrat