Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meeks: Another Crazy Obama Associate

Illinois State Senator James Meeks, racist, anti-gay bigot, Religious Left demagogue. Don't believe me? Let Meeks himself tell you: “We don’t have slave masters. We got mayors. But they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able, or to be educated.... You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna fight you to protect this white man.” STILL don't believe me? WATCH THE VIDEO. Meeks makes Jeremiah Wright look ... well, never mind. Wright will always look crazy. Meeks looks just as crazy, and just as scary. Meeks has appeared in Obama campaign commercials, as pointed out in April, and was a member of Obama campaign committees. Obama has campaigned at his church and got both “spiritual counsel” and political support from him. For more, see SayAnything.... STILL DON'T believe this? Let Chicago Pride, a gay publication, tell it like it is (emphasis added): Just as the dust surrounding Sen. Barack Obama's long-term association with controversial minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright has begun to settle comes new reports of the democratic presidential hopeful's connection to another racially divisive public figure—the stridently homophobic Rev. James T. Meeks, an Illinois state senator who also serves as the pastor of Chicago's 22,000 member strong Salem Baptist Church. Described in a 2004 Chicago Sun Times article as someone Barack Obama regularly seeks out for "spiritual counsel", James Meeks, who will serve as an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver, is a long-time political ally to the democratic front runner. FULL ARTICLE... RELATED: Chicago students skip school in funding protest Daley blasts Meeks' school boycott Daley Rips Boycott, Meeks Daley: Meeks 'selfish' for staging protest Wake-up call for Sen. Meeks illinoisreview: James Meeks Suportts Publick Skools The religious left. - By Steven Waldman - Slate Magazine The Religious Left's Lies - Washington Post Article The Rise of the Religious Left Re: James Meeks proposes kids skip 1st day of school The Church of Clout James Meeks and the Chicago Police