Bob Kerrey's Shocker

This will be shocking to Liberals and Democrats. Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey (D-Nebraska) recently said that the U.S. efforts in Iraq are, to paraphrase him, justified. Wow. One of their own, a former Democrat presidential contender and currently the president of the verrrrrry liberal New School said this? Yes, Virginia, he did. And he meant it. Too bad for Mr. Kerrey that his own party will probably try to defame him for speaking his mind. An excellent post at Clear Commentary yesterday gives a cogent summary and, of course, commentary on Kerrey's remarks. It also has a link to an editorial written by Kerrey's himself, published on May 22 in the Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt from Clear Commentary: You may recall the moderate voice of former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry [sic], a decorated war veteran and member of the 9/11 commission. Mr. Kerry's [sic] editorial in today's Wall Street Journal provides a high altitude analysis of America's reasons for the war in Iraq, and in particular, credibly acquits the argument that Iraq is just one front on the broader war against Islamic terrorism. That's an argument you won't find on the editorial pages of just about any major American newspaper, the Democratic National Committee's talking points, or any Democratic presidential nominee's platform. It is also refreshing to hear a Democrat talk candidly about the efficacy of tactical military interventions against the nascent evil inherent in the radical Islamists. For reasons that defy common sense, the modern Democratic sensibility cringes at the prospect of attacking a nation, even one that is totalitarian or despotic--which is to say, an Iraq, where people were routinely murdered, women's rights were nonexistent, and people lived in a state of permanent fear. FULL POST... RELATED: The New School Students Confront New School University President Bob Kerrey Over His Role in the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq and Demand Resignation


  1. Ugh, what a straw man. I certainly don't "cringe at the prospect of attacking a [totalitarian] nation," and I doubt that many of my fellow Dems do either.

    It's disingenuous to cast opposition to this war as a reflection of all-around pacifism or isolationism. The Iraq war is a failed policy, and I agree with Gen. Petraeus that there is no military solution.

    Some wars are worth the cost, some are not. In a perfect world, the American military would have taken out Saddam and transformed Iraq into a stable, pro-Western democracy. But that didn't happen, and I don't think it's going to happen. Saying so doesn't put me on the side of the Islamists.

  2. Rob,
    Thank you for writing. Certainly, the vast majority of Dems feel the way you do. It is some (not all) of the leadership who are the targets of such remarks. I actually agree with much of your sentiments. Your thoughtful - and civil - comment is very much appreciated.


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