Friday, August 10, 2012

Exclusive: Galt 2012 Campaign Reveals VP Choice, Poster and Slogan

Galt Roark 2012 Campaign Poster
Galt-Roark 2012 Campaign Poster
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August 10, 2012 - The independent presidential campaign to elect John Galt announced today that architect Howard Roark is their choice for vice presidential running mate.

The campaign handed out copies of its new poster (right) to Chicago News Bench editorial staff. The poster  revealed the campaign's new slogan: "Tear It Down - Rebuild Anew."  The public can obtain copies of the new campaign poster in various sizes at Society6

Galt has promised to bring an "immediate and crushing halt" to corrupt politicians and their corporate lackeys. His campaign platform includes arresting, trying and imprisoning them.

"This would require more than simply administering justice to those corrupt individuals," Galt told Chicago News Bench.

"It would also require, in some cases," said the official, "the physical destruction of their institutions. Many have become so corrupt that merely locking up their inhabitants will not be sufficient."

A Galt campaign official, who asked to not be named, said that Howard Roark is "the absolutely perfect choice" as Galt's running mate. "John is the ideal guy for smashing the corruption," said the official. "Howard has experience in smashing things, too, but he's also a genius at rebuilding. And remember that our campaign slogan is 'Tear it down, rebuild anew.' Together, John Galt and Howard Roark will do a total gut rehab on America."

The campaign hopes to soon release t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs to match the new poster.