Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anti-Romney "Conservatives" Need To Shut Up

From Paul Ryan's Facebook page
August 12, 2012 - I sympathize with those of you "conservatives" who are unhappy with Mitt Romney. He was not my first choice, either, and I would be happier with a more conservative [presumptive] nominee. Some of you are even unhappy with his choice of Paul Ryan for VP. Life is like that, though.

You can't always get what you want, and often the choices we are given are not all we hoped for.

You know who you are: Survivalists and whacked out Libertarians and neo-liberal Paulbots who think you're being patriotic by publicly dissing Romney and Ryan, and that you're doing your duty by encouraging the rest of us to not vote for them in November. In effect, you might as well be campaigning for Obama-Biden.

You actually tell us that Romney-Ryan is just Obama-Biden "with another face."

Fools, you are, to actually believe that. You're mad as hatters. Ideological purists, you fancy yourselves, but your own unreachable quest for your perfect ideal holds the potential of damaging this nation. Many of you have already made up your minds to not vote in November.

You have the right to do that, I reckon, but do the rest of us a favor: Shut the hell up and stop actively trying to discourage others from voting for Romney-Ryan. Oh sure, you have the right to spout your lunatic theories (still think Bush set up the destruction of the World Trade Towers, Bunky?), but I have the right to tell you that you're not making any friends by throwing sand into the gears.

Seriously: Watch the video above and tell me that Ryan is "Obama with a different face." Seriously.

For some of you, it may have come down to choosing the "Lesser Of Two Evils." When that's the only choice, I'll take the lesser evil every time and without hesitation. You who choose to sit out the election  are willfully leaving open the possibility of having the greater evil foisted upon you - again. You are fools. You are blinded by your own paranoia and conceit. You are not conservatives. You are panicked nutjobs. You are leftover McCain haters, rancid and reheated. If your sick dream comes true, you will again help ensure an Obama victory just as you did in 2008.

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