Friday, July 20, 2012

Child Molesters Must Be Treated Like Rabid Dogs

"The serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children" 
~ Dr. Mace Knapp, Nevada State Prison Psychologist

Child rapists should be executed. Period. Kill them. They are worse than murderers. The dead suffer no longer, their pain ends and they cannot continue on to kill more people.

Molest a child, however, and their life is hell, and a high number of them become molesters themselves (see below). Even those who do not become molesters - and that's the majority of them, I should point out - suffer horribly and are plagued by a long list of pychological problems for the rest of their lives.

An analogy: A rapid dog can spread rabies by biting other animals. The rabid dog cannot control its actions, and it is not Fido's fault that he has rabies. That doesn't change the fact that Fido is dangerous, and even after he is shot dead the some of the animals that he has already bitten may already be spreading the disease. Pedophiles who molest children are like that. Their uncontrollable urges may not be "their fault," but that does not change the fact that they are a serious menace.

Pedophiles are like rabid dogs
The Baltimore Sun had an interesting article on July 18 which quotes James Cantor of the University of Toronto, who studies sexual behavior and abuse. "No one has been able to find a way to change pedophiles into nonpedophiles," the Sun quotes him as saying, "but that doesn't mean we cannot prevent child molestation."

Granted, complete prevention is probably impossible. But a significant reduction of the frequency of child molestation could be achieved by removing the molesters themselves. Once identified and convicted, kill them. I guarantee you that no killer that was put do death has ever killed again.

The same reality applies to those who rape children, but consider this: The evil of even an executed child raper continues on forever. If he (or she) molested half a dozen kids, one or two of them may go on to be molesters and might molest at least half a dozen themselves. Then, some of those victims become perpetrators, and the numbers keep growing. The murder victims, on the other hand, lay harmless in the ground.

Rabid Dog: Jerry Sandusky should be executed
It is important to note that not all children who are molested become molesters. But it's a high percentage. "Male perpetrators of child sexual abuse were more likely to have been abused as children than male subjects who were not perpetrators," according to a study by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London, U.K.  "35% of male perpetrators of sexual abuse had been victims of such abuse, while 11% of males who had not perpetrated abuse had been victims of child sexual abuse."

"In many cases, child sex abusers suffer from traumatic experiences during their childhood," note writers Michael Cochran & Meghan Cole at Neuroanthropology. "More specifically, pedophiles tend to also have been molested as children. As children, they lacked the ability to control the situation. By sexually assaulting children, pedophiles attempt to re-live the trauma they experienced and they learn how to master it. A complete role reversal gives them the upper hand and prevents them from being victimized. Overall, through the impact of cerebral dysfunction and traumatic development, the sexual urges and desires for children can become ingrained within a person’s nervous system."  "Ingrained within a person's nervous system," they said. Just like rabies.