Friday, February 11, 2011

Woman Sues McDonald's in Oak Lawn IL, Claims Glass in Food

February 11, 2011 - Chicago - Glass in your McChicken Sandwich? No, thanks. But that's what a Chicago woman claims she got when she bit into her McChicken at an Oak Lawn McDonald's back in August. That's a southwestern suburb of Chicago, just south of Midway Airport. According to The Chicago Tribune today: A woman sued McDonald’s Corp , Friday, saying she was injured after chewing on a “large shard of glass” inside her spicy McChicken sandwich. Vjollca Lecaj said she suffered severe and permanent oral injuries, as well as “great pain and anguish,” after biting into and chewing the glass last Aug. 5 at a McDonald’s in Oak Lawn, Illinois, near Chicago. Full article... The news reports I've read omit the address of the McDonald's restaurant that allegedly served the McGlass Sandwich. I'm glad that I didn't get glass in my McDoubles when I dined at the Mickey Dee's near the CTA's Pulaski Orange Line station yesterday.