Saturday, May 22, 2010

Utah Coffee Party? Really?!?

May 22, 2010 - Salt Lake City, Utah - A handful of libtards showed up for a little Coffee Party gathering, and I do mean "little." They got together downtown at the Federal Building to show their support for financial reform. Perhaps eight or nine people attended. The NBC affiliate KSL TV 5 video report noted that this event was their "first public rally in Utah." KLS did not actually give a "crowd" estimate, but their video says it all: Virtually nobody showed up, and the weather looked pretty decent. Be sure to read the comments at too, as they're hilariously funny. RELATED: Baxter Swilley, Astroturf Poster Boy Chicago News Bench The Coffee Party: Try Not to Laugh -Part 1 Freedom Watch News The Latte Party USA Facebook Group