Thursday, February 4, 2010

SHOCKER: Democrat Involved in Scandal

by Sean Vera To be perfectly fair, it's only a shocker if you're either (a) an idiot, or (b) a rabid Democrat. But even Illinois Dems, no strangers to the sort of sordid scandals that have made the state a punchline for every comedian and late night host across the country, must be reeling from this one. The Lieutenant Governor nominee (as you can recall, he's been the nominee for all of 2 days), Scott Lee Cohen, has been alleged to have held a knife to the throat of his girlfriend, who it was later revealed is also allegedly a prostitute.
Classy, Democrats...really classy. More can be read from the Loyola Republicans blog:

Scott Lee Cohen, the Democrat’s newly named candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is again being questioned about his 2005 domestic battery arrest.

Although the case was dropped, apparently due to the failed appearance of the victim, concerns remain. It is alleged that Cohen, who was going through a divorce, held a knife to his girlfriend’s throat. A filed police report shows that the victim, a convicted prostitute, had cuts on her throat and hands...(read more)

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