Friday, November 20, 2009

Climate Research Fraud and Fakery Revealed by Computer Hacker (Updated)

Update, Nov. 30: Whistleblower Got Climategate Emails, Not Hacker Note/Update: Many people still do not understand how huge this story is. It is, pardon the expression, earth shattering for many, and many are having a hard time coming to grips with it. It's as though the curtain has been ripped away, revealing the man who pretended to be the Wizard of Oz. A reader who is having a hard time facing the harsh reality of disillusionment wrote a comment, reproduced at the bottom of this post. Falsified climate "data" and strong indications of outright fraud have been revealed by the hacking of a computer at the Hadley Climatic Research Centre (UK), an influential research facility. That's right, fraud. Here's an example, brought to us by Chicago Bungalow (CB), who notes that emails were among the files accessed by the hacking operation. "The emails include one purportedly from Philip Jones, Director of the CRU (Climate Research Unit)," writes CB, "referring to the now well-known 'hockey stick' graph in Michael Mann's article in Nature." Read more at Chicago Bungalow... We've been saying for years that the gurus of climate change fall into one of two categories: (1) Frauds who deliberately fudge the data (e.g., Al Gore), and (2) Incompetent science quacks who parrot the global warming/climate change mumbo-jumbo in a pitiful attempt to be in with the in crowd. In addition to those false priests of the Church of Climate Change, of course, are the billions of morons who have swallowed whole the wafers of global warming. Perhaps some will be swayed by this revelation, but not many will be. It takes a lot to sway somebody away from their religion, which is exactly what the belief in Global Warming has become. Comment left by "Juicyfruit" on 11/20/2009: "So lets say someone breaks into Tea Party Headquarters and hacks into their computer and then pronounces to the world that what the Tea Party folk believe in is a fraud. I think one should question the definately question the source of information that comes from people who break into other peoples computers. Im still out on the whole global warming thing. But I do have morals." My Response to "Juicyfruit": Whenever you write to me you give a fake email address and use fake names like Wierdo, Taxman, Sam and now Juicyfruit. So, how much credence should we give to YOU? Now, I agree with you that the hacking was unethical. However, your comparison of that to a hypothetical hacking of the "Tea Party Headquarters" is seriously flawed for several reasons: 1) There is no "Tea Party Headquarters," per se. The movement is made up of hundreds of loosely cooperating groups, none of which is beholden to a national organization. 2) We are not talking about opinion or "belief," as you put it. We are talking about the numbers, the mathematics and hard data that were fudged by the people at the Hadley Climatic Research Centre. 3) The Hadley people were screwing the data, as demonstrated with notes such as this: "I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline." That's not political opinion or difference in philosophy, JF, it's outright fraud with numbers. This has nothing to do with Tea Parties, JF. As for the source of the information, it's the Hadley Climatic Research Centre, with a middle man in Russia who hacked into their computer/s. RELATED ARTICLES: Scientific scandal appears to rock climate change promoters Global Climate Change Hoax: The Greatest Fraud in Human History Global Warming Scam Exposed: Talk About Inconvenient Truths! Do hacked e-mails show global-warming fraud? Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!