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October 30, 2009

Every Blogger Should Read This

Chuck DeVore has written, in my opinion, the definitive explanation of why conservative political bloggers blog. He compares (as have I and others in the past) the modern blogger to past heroes of free speech, people such as Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, and many of our Founding Fathers.

Following are a few excerpts from DeVore's column at "These Are the Times That Try Men’s Blogging Souls" (emphasis added):
These are interesting times. Under President Obama and the most liberal Congress since 1965, the United States government is expected to borrow a trillion dollars per year for the next decade while the size and power of our federal government will grow at the expense of our liberties. In this environment, Democrats in Congress are working on a bill to give President Obama emergency control of the Internet (S.773) which would permit the President to seize control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency. 
Let me interrupt here and acknowledge the liberal bloggers screaming "What about us? We blog for the same reasons!" Well, yes and no. Conservative bloggers are trying to preserve the freedoms given to us by the Constitution and God. Generally speaking, Liberal bloggers write in an attempt to destroy those liberties - whether they realize it or not. Every time a Liberal blogger writes anything in support of, say, a rebirth of the Fairness Doctrine, they are supporting an erosion of our freedoms. To stay with DeVore's theme of the Franklinesque blogger, the Liberal blogger's analog would be a pro-England writer in 1776 who thinks George Washington is Satan's son and the King was right to raise the tax on tea. Into this breach come the bloggers. There are about 120 million blogs today. Many of them are political, most are not. America’s political bloggers trace their heritage, their place in the body politic, to the Colonial era. Most of today’s political bloggers would have been quite comfortable defying the British Stamp Act of 1765, were they around 244 years ago. 

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